Quality and Safety

Quality and safety of agricultural raw materials and food products for the Food Export Trade is a fundamental factor of work.


We cooperate only with responsible Manufacturers, making strictest quality and safety requirements not only to the raw materials and food, but also to methods and mechanisms of control applied by our Partners.


Food Export Trade also exercises independent control over the quality and safety of food products along the chain of their production and deliveries by forces of the attracted laboratories.


The main regions of production and deliveries where the Food Export Trade has been operating for more than 15 years do not apply on an industrial scale mineral fertilizers, chemical remedies for plants, and also gene-modified (GMO) plants and animals.


We act AGAINST the uncontrolled use of mineral fertilizers, chemical remedies, as well as GMO penetration in nature. The worsening global ecological situation already exerts impact on product quality, and all responsible forces should make every effort for improvement of situation and preservation of the remained ecological oases of the planet including Siberia.


We act IN FAVOUR of the coordinated work of monitoring bodies and industry associations, the self-organization of producers, processors and operators of the market in questions of quality. And also in favour of standardization, certifications and harmonization of requirements of the trading partner countries.


And one of our approved strategies – "providing high standards and quality for products and services" – is the important tool of long-term competitiveness and long-term success.