The Food Export Trade group is not a logistic operator, but having considerable experience of organization of transportations of food products for our own needs, including the multimodal ones, the company has created a pool of long-term partnerships with key operators of infrastructure and rolling stock, logistic companies and of course transshipment facilities and terminals.


In this connection we can optimize temporary and finance costs and increase quality of transportation and final result for our Clients and Partners. Transportation of food loads has a lot of peculiarities: logistics_en

- Loose products unpacked, loose products in a container (without pallets and on pallets), other food products (packed and on pallets).

- Perishable food loads and those which demand special conditions of transportation (cooled, low-temperature, warmed-up and frost-sensitive products):

cooled – temperature from 0 to +4 °C

low-temperature – temperature -18 °C and below

the warmed-up frost-sensitive – temperature higher than ambient.

Considering all these features, and also the need of observance of critical requirements: terms (for perishable products), sanitary standards and rationality of finance costs, our specialists will offer you the optimum scheme of processing and transportation of a load including multimodal one:

- Road transport.

- Railway transport.

- Marine transport.