Food Security

The Food Export Trade group of companies was created as an international partnership, having incorporated competences, experience, and accurately formed understanding of responsibility within the definition of "Food Security".


In our Mission we formulated for ourselves the obligation – "Make daily feasible contribution to ensuring food security and forming global food flows, create new export points of growth of renewable resources, keeping and preserving the Earth and the nature of Russia.".


Population of Earth grows by more than 100 thousand people daily.

And issues of food supply, satisfaction of basic needs of people for safe, high-quality and at the same time available food and water in many Countries including actively developing and heavily populated ones, become issues of participation in forming and distribution of global food flows. Food becomes global and strategic goods with the demand that will be constantly growing in the long term.


Participation in formation of these global food flows is our honor, opportunity and of course big responsibility.


Reserve production potential of Russia in this market is one of the biggest, including Siberia and the Far East. The total volume of arable lands that are actually used less than by one third of their potential, exceeds 25 million hectares, and there are more than 50 million hectares of agricultural grounds. The main, quickly growing consumer markets of food are the market of the Asian-Pacific Rim and the arising perspective market of the Russian-Chinese trade in agricultural products.


At the same time for Russia (functioning in the market conditions of intensification of development of agricultural production and its export) definition of "Food Security" is based on preserving of balance of production, internal consumption and export of food.


Not only the State regulation is important in this connection, but also forming of responsible self-organization and self-regulation of industry players both within the country, and on the level of international cooperation. The Food Export Trade, being a responsible participant, makes its best efforts and takes part in all industry and professional platforms where it is possible to achieve:

- coordination and self-regulation of actions of participants excluding doing even hypothetical damage to food security of Russia and the trading partner countries;

- formations of industry and interstate programs creating conditions for long-term, stable and transparent development of the market of production of food and food trade.


This also concerns our contribution to ecosystem preservation – soil, water and variety of animal and vegetal life of Russia not only as natural needs of the homo sapiens who is responsible to future generations ("preserve that what the nature created and has been improving for millions of years, donating it to us"), but also as a factor of long-term "Food Security". In this connection we cooperate only with responsible manufacturers, and we also put large efforts and industry initiatives directed to responsible self-organization and legislative control over the way business entities treat soil and water and also the general impact on the environment.