Dried Fruits and Berries

The Food Export Trade delivers to Russia and other countries the wide range of the Central Asian and Middle Eastern dried fruits, such as raisins, dried apricots, prunes and others.

The main consumer are food processing enterprises – confectioneries, producers of porridges, dairy products with addition of fruit and berries.

For these years we have created a reliable pool of large and average manufacturers of dried fruits in Central Asia and in the Middle East, and frozen berries in Russia and countries of Eastern Europe.


Historically the best dried fruits were made in Central Asia and in the Middle East where up to now the traditional methods of production without chemical fertilizers and preservatives have remained.


Frozen berries (raspberry, blueberry and others) are produced in environmentally friendly areas, being gathered and frozen carefully, passing through shock deep freezers. Then they are packed into industrial containers and sent to cold-storage warehouses.