Bottled Water

The Food Export Trade supplies natural drinking and mineral bottled water from specially protected sources of the Caucasian Mineral Waters region and Lake Baikal.


The Caucasian Mineral Waters region’s history starts in 1803 when, according to the decree of the emperor Alexander I "About recognition of the state value of the Caucasian Mineral Waters region and the need for their development", the high importance of hydromineral resources of the region was proclaimed.


Baikal is a lake of tectonic origin, a miracle of nature and the deepest lake in the world.

Water supplies in Baikal are enormous— about 19% of all world reserves of fresh lake water.

The Baikal water has unique mineral balance, having almost no organic impurity and possessing high content of oxygen.


All delivered water is natural, without industrial processing, water develops its taste in the course of natural enrichment and filtration.

Taste of water is formed depending on compounds:

- salts and mineral substances

- organic substances and minerals
- and of course oxygen.


The premium segment is the water in glass bottles of different capacity. The individual design of a bottle, and also individual production under the Customer’s trademark are possible.