30 million tons
made grain exports in 2016
Food Export Trade

The Food Export Trade group of companies was created as international partnership, having incorporated competences, experience, assets and long-term industry communications of the Team of Experts, who have been operating in the agro-industrial and food industries for many years, in such segments as production, processing and trade.

Today the zone of interests and trade operations of the Food Export Trade covers the Russian Federation, the European Union, China and a number of Middle East countries.

The main assets of the Food Export Trade are competence, experience and long-term industry communications of our Experts and Key Specialists including the usage of the best world and domestic practices in the field of management and the highest standards of service – that’s what we think in the Food Export Trade.

Except own professional resources the Food Export Trade possesses the settled international pool of the partner companies, leaders in their industries, and global world logistic and trade operators (food traders).

The Food Export Trade performs the core business in the following directions:

  • Trade in agricultural commodities and animal feed raw materials
  • Trade in food products
  • Trade in industrial nutritional supplements and ingredients
  • Rendering logistics and support services
Our mission
Make daily feasible contribution to ensuring food security and forming global food flows, create new export points of growth of renewable resources, keeping and preserving the Earth and the nature of Russia. While formulating our mission, we tried to be fair to ourselves as only being fair to ourselves we will be able to build transparent, partnership-oriented and long-term relationships with our business partners.
Our goals
  • Export operations geography
  • Import operations geography

Take the leading positions in a segment of the Russian-Chinese agricultural product trade and food trade in the markets of Siberia and the Far East.

  • I

    Forming long-term partnership with market participants and leaders.

  • II

    Providing high standards and quality of products and services.

  • III

    Increase in efficiency of work and transactions, capital turnover, cost reduction and stocks.

  • IV

    Assistance to development of the industry through creation of new communications and cooperation among the participants of the market, industry science and consumers.